Welcome to Star Vespa - online! Star Vespa is a Ltd company which specializes in the restoration and exporting of Vintage Vespa. We employ fully qualified time served technicians to work on your scooter. Our certified technicians are committed to offering a level of service that exceeds the customers expectations!

Are gas prices way up? Do you need a more affordable way to get to work or school? How about something to ride just for fun in the country roads or on the beach?

Shopping for Vespa Scooters online at StarVespa
If you’re in the market for classic Vespa scooters, you have not only found the right site for a large and dependable inventory of vintage Vespa scooters: you have found the only site that values its customers as much as its sales. StarVespa is your one stop shop for Vespa scooters.

Our expansive inventory includes virtually every style of vintage Vespa scooters, and is unparalleled by any other online scooter store. Additionally, all our scooters are shipped new, directly from our factory. From a wide array of color options, accessories and models, to dependable and communicative customer service representatives, no other online scooter sales site is more dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Guaranteeing your Vespa Scooter Satisfaction
Short of visiting a traditional scooter lot where inventory is limited, StarVespa provides you with the most comprehensive, relevant information on any vehicle of interest. Whether you are considering an Vespa model VLB, VBC, VBB 150cc, Mini 50cc, PX150 or even Lambro 550N, we provide you with all specifications needed to guarantee that you get exactly what you pay for. We regard the sell of a vehicle not as a singular event, but rather as the beginning of a relationship. Our service department is well equipped to help you with routine maintenance as well as modification and upgrades some customers desire to make their scooters a reflection of themselves.

Types of Scooters Available lists numbers of available Vespa scooters monthly. Given the wide assortment of scooters, we make it our priority to keep you well informed as to product specifications, limitations, and all other relevant information. Among the scooters we offer:

Vespa VBC - Super: manufactured from 1965-1979 - One of the most popular Vespa models imported into Viet Nam. All our Vbcs are equipped with later 10 inch wheels and 12 volt electrics.

Vespa VBB - Standard: manufactured from 1960-1966 - The Vbb is at its best as a Sunday afternoon cruiser - for pottering to the local caf�, beach or shows. All our Vbbs are equipped with later 10 inch wheels and 12 volt electrics.

Vespa VLB - Sprint: manufactured from 1965-1979 - The Sprint marked a new step forward in styling with a 04-speed hand change. All our Vlbs are equipped with later 10 inch wheels and 12 volt electrics.

Custom Vespa: We have learnt a lot about what the customer wants over the years- and also have a better understanding of the history of the Scootering scene old & new and the fashions of modifying the scooter and loading her with accessories. Out goes the dull factory paint job- on with the deep metallic colour paint job. Finish off with as much chrome as possible, a big performance exhaust, add bigger wheels and tyres to increase performance and try and squeeze every ounce of extra power out of it !

Lambro 550N: manufactured from 1967-1979 - Lambro is a 3-wheel-scooter which was manufactured by Innocenti - Italy and with its 200cc engine, 4-speed-gear with reverse, the Lambro 550N was famous with the advertising slogan "Carry more than an elephant"

The Success of StarVespa
Our success in scooter sales is as much a result of our vast collection of all things scooter, as it is our commitment to our customers. As a result, we enjoy many repeat customers and countless referrals. For our customers, we offer professional advice, a multilingual staff, pertinent information, and, yes, coupons. We consider our high rate of repeat business to be the greatest testament to our success.

From our inception in 2004, we have striven to provide quality products and services in a customer-friendly environment. The selection of an appropriate vehicle is not an adversarial process here at StarVespa, but is a collaborative endeavor where our sales staff works with the customer to help them realize their dream of ownership. Our goal is to meet your needs in such a way that you will feel confident referring your friends to us and that you will return to us should you require additional assistance in the future. You can be assured that you will receive quality customer service and the highest level of satisfaction at our dealership.

We bring history back to life.