Hot / Highly demanded scooters: Star Vespa knows what's hot and what's not!! You benefit by purchasing a scooter that will not only be priced fairly, but will also retain it’s value better than most, that’s because Star Vespa only stocks vehicle that are in very high demand!!





Our Price Guarantee: Star Vespa solely sells Vespa on-line-therefore overheads are kept to their absolute lowest. This give us the ability to offer our clients the fairest prices to be found anywhere, on pristine scooters!





Experience: The Star Vespa team has more than 20 years experience in the scooters business. We pride ourselves on being scooters professionals. We hand pick every Vespa we restore&sell. Let our knowledge be your insurance policy of getting a Vespa the way it was described to be.





Warranty: We offer a 06 Months warranty for Engine and 90 Days warranty for new parts. This guarantees that when you purchase from Star Vespa you will get a "truly" 100% satisfaction on the quality.





Privacy: Star Vespa is sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet.







Internet Experience: Star Vespa is committed to offering you the best in online service. Since we are a “online only” dealer, the feedback from our customers is of the utmost importance...We will not rest until you are 100% completely satisfied!!!!!






Pristine Vespa Condition: Our buyers have over 20 years of experience in cherry-picking pristine scooters. technology






Shipping: We have some of the best licensed, INSURED and bonded shippers at our fingertips to worldwide destinations.





Payment: We offer flexible methods of payment like secure online payment courtesy of Pay Pal, which is protected by PayPal's buyer protection policy. Alternatively you are welcome to do a bank transfer to either our UK bank or to our bank in Vietnam.





Customer Service: You are not alone! We help you through the entire process of buying a new Vespa through our website, online live representatives, and open phone lines. If you prefer to make arrangements online, by phone or in person, the choice is yours. LET US EARN YOUR BUSINESS!! We assist you with scooters options, shipping and exporting, scooters locating, and warranties. Just ask and Star Vespa will help you!


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