Although outwardly the Lambro 550 N models looked the same as the standard 550, Innocenti made a big improvement to driver comfort. The engine was moved for the first time, from under the seat to outside the cab. Not only did this lesson the noise levels inside the cab, but also allowed the engine to be supported better with less vibration by four elastic mounts. Also due to the engine being closer to the rear axle, a much shorter propshaft could be used, making the drive a lot smoother. Access to the engine was now gained by tilting the rear load carrying area, while the chassis rails now had holes in them to make the vehicle lighter.

Other modifications and improvements included a larger muffler, improved clutch and brake ratios. An air scoop was now placed on the front of the cab for driver ventilation, while deflectors on the doors helped cut down wind noise aiding comfort for the driver. Improved rear leaf springs for better flexibility were fitted along with hydraulic shocks giving a much better ride.

The 550N had an identical load area and carry capacity to the earlier 550, so another model was introduced. The 550A (A stands for allungato or lengthened) had a longer load area, but could only carry lighter payloads. While technically the Lambro was more advanced then its rivals, the dated styling still could not stop these models from being a commercial success, the enclosed model for the first time being the more popular of versions sold.



Date of production: April 1967 ~ March 1969
Total production: 13.806

Capacity 198 cc
Bore x stroke 66x58 mm
Carburettor Dellorto SH 1/20
Gear 4 speeds with reverse Hand Controlled (Teleflex)
Power 9.2 cv a 4800 rev/min
Speed max 58 Km/h
Tyre Size 4.5x10, front 35 lb, rear 53 lb
Brakes Three drum brakes, hand-brake and hydraulics on rear wheels.
Tank capacity 11.5 L
Consumption 16 (Km/L)


Weight 390 kg
Overall length 2915 mm
Overall height 1670 mm
Overall width 1380 mm


Colors Grey, green and blue or any color(s) of your choice.

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