Where are the Vespas &Lambrettas from ?

The Vespas&Lambrettas were imported to Viet Nam from Piaggio&Innocenti - Italy more than 50 years ago (1960s).

Have they been produced at India or Indonesia ?

No. We sell only original Italian made Vespa&Lambretta scooters.

Where are the spare-parts from?

They come from OEM manufactures in India, China, Taiwan, Italy and Viet Nam. We also make stainless steel parts ourselves.

What are the frame numbers?

The frame numbers/engine numbers are all original and we tell you by inquiry.

Why are other cheaper ?

Very easy to answer. The other do not restore for European standards. And we restore many scooters - we make a modest profit on each - but we sell a lot to all corners of the globe we are in a constant stage of expansion with our aim to be restoring 20 scooters per month.

In what condition the Vespa will be delivered ?

In the same pristine conditions and ready to ride as you can see on the pictures. You get what you see. Nothing less.

Are the Vespa Italian genuine ( made in Italy ) ?

Yes, definitely.

What models of scooter are we specialiazed in?

We specialize in Vespa VBB (mfg.1960-1967), VBC (mfg. 1965-1979), VLB (mfg. 1965-1974) and Lambretta LIS, LI3. See our Models page for more information.

What work have been done at the Vespas?

Please read Restoration process.

Do the engine and gear work without problems?

Yes, because we replaced nearly all parts by new parts. So the engine is nearly new.

Are the tires new ?


Where can I get spare-parts ?

Either from us or from your local shop.

Could I get parts for other Vespas at you ?

Normally yes, but please ask us for details.

Could you although use genuine parts eg. speedometer instead of a reproduction?

Yes, we can, but than it is an used old part and out of warranty.

How do you deliver the Vespa?

We deliver with an international shipping company and by Air service as well. Please read our Shipping page for detail.

What are the costs of the delivery?

The shipping cost is USD 300 per scooter to most main ports in the world.

Could I pick up the Vespa ?

Yes of course.

Can I have dimensions of the wooden crate when shipping?

Each crate is 72 x 49 x 26 inches. Each crate weighs about 320 pounds (200+ for the scooter alone) and is really dependent on the model selected and all the options ordered.

I have never ridden a scooter before, is it difficult to use and being old will it break down all the time?

Simply - Vespa have built their fantastic reputation on reliability and the fact anyone can jump on and ride! They are easy to ride, great fun and virtually unbreakable.

Could you install a PX 200 engine?

Yes we can. Prices depend on the details.

How do I purchase ?

Easy. Please read our Steps To Order page for information.

When will the Vespa arrive ?

It usually takes around 03-04 weeks to deliver the Vespa via Sea voyage to main ports in the world.

Can you make the Vespa&Lambretta by my own desire and wishes?

Yes of course. Simply send us photos of your interested Vespa&Lambretta so that we can duplicate it for you.

How long does it take ?

Around 15 days.

Does it cost more ?

No, if the Vespa is similar to the Vespas on our pages.

Can we talk about the prices?

Yes, and it depends on the quantity of your order.

I want to buy more Vespas , do you offer discounts?

Yes. Please ask us for details.

How much discount ?

This depends on the quantity.

How can I pay?

Prepaid by wire transfer to our bank account or credit card via Paypal. Please read Payment for detail.

Why prepaid ?

Cause we had to many joke orders.

What payment method do you accept ?

Bank wire transfer, Paypal. Please read Payment for detail.

Why is COD impossible ?

Cause the transport company does not deliver International COD .

Could I pay cash when I pick up the Vespa ?

Yes, if your purchased Vespa is stock .

Otherwise only prepaid preferred.

Which papers come with the Vespa?

All Vespa are delivered with an Full sets of Documents including docs for customs clearance and new registration papers.


Are the scooters road tested and adjusted?

After any restoration, there is a running-in period required (100 miles+). Cables stretch a little, brakes and clutches bed in, points need adjusting, carburetor need adjusting, brakes, clutches etc, all need a little fettling.

How could I bring the Vespa on the road ?

Please ask you local Transportation office for the details . We do everything to help you with the paperwork. But normally it is really easy .


Is there an after sales service/support?

Our friendly&professional staff typically respond within 12 hours (time difference) for email and 24/24 for phone calls.


What, if I've ordered and want to cancel the order?

In this case, you will lose your deposit.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes - 6 months. Please read our Warranty page for more detail.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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