Please take a moment to read each step that is taken to assure complete customer satisfaction!!


1. Choose your model

Models - You can choose any vintage Vespa & Lambretta. Bear in mind we have the original chassis for the Vespa VLB, VBC, and VBB models and Lambretta LIS, LI3, etc... Please visit Here
for more Models Information.

2. Choose your color(s)

Colors - We provide a range of sample colors - we can do ANY color, we need either a picture or a Pantene color # to match your custom color(s). Or you can click Here
to see our Colors Chart.

3. Choose your accessories (optional)

Accessories - We include many FREE standard accessories to our fully-restored scooters. However, you can have one or more accessories if you wish, click Here for details.

4. Confirmation

Upon receipt your request, we will send you our Pro-Forma Invoice via Fax and email for your final confirmation.

5. Deposit or Full payment

You wire us the deposit (50%) or total order value after you confirm everything.

6. Scooter(s) finished

When the scooter is finished, we'll take photos of every corner of the scooter and send via email for you for your information and your approval. Then you wire us the final payment in case you deposit 50% in advance

7. Crating and shipping

We deliver the scooter to our freight forwarder for all shipping procedures to your local sea ports. It usually takes around 3-4 weeks depending on port locations. Visit Here for more information.

8. Documents

We send full set of documents via FedEx Express or UPS to your address as soon as we receive it from our freight forwarder. Normally, you will receive documents within 02 weeks after the ship leaves.

9. Arrival

Once the scooter arrives at your local port, you will be notified by our forwarder's Agent in your country for pickup point. You'll need a truck or mini van (yes, it fits in most mini-vans!). You will also be required to pay local charges when picking it up. Total local charges range from $200 - $300.

10. Scoot

After all, you can register your scooter using all the documents that we supplied and what you got from the customs. However, don't forget to follow our Owner's Manual Guide before kicking it starts.

If you have any questions, our professional & friendly customer service staff will stand by to assist you.

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