Check the followings items for all tips on Vespa&Lambretta Scooters:



  1. Download official parts books and user manuals.
  2. Download a flowchart of faults to find the cause of a problem with your scooter. (Vespa, but mostly the same on a Lambretta.)
  3. How to break-in a new two-stroke motor
  4. What tools should I have for working on a Vespa?
  5. Where is my Lambretta or Vespa serial number located?


See what Lambretta or Vespa models are similar so you can order parts correctly


  1. Adjust the cables and selector box on your Vespa when it is jumping out of gear. (Or change the cruciform if that's not it.)


  1. How to wire a Lambretta 12 volt conversion
  2. Which sparkplug to use on a Lambretta/Vespa
  3. What you sparkplug should look like
  4. Should you use a resistor sparkplug or not?
  5. How to test your scooter condenser is OK

Fuel/exhaust system:

  1. What is the best carburetor for a Lambretta?
  2. What is the best carburetor for a Vespa?
  3. Adjust a Vespa Dell'Orto carb
  4. How the weather affects carb tuning
  5. How to do a plug chop to check your jetting
  6. How to clean a rusty gas tank

Scooter Safety Tips

  1. All the tips for scooters safety


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