Part Condition Manufacturer
  Engine Parts
E1 Cylinder / Piston / Rings New Bajaj
E2 Cylinder Head Original Piaggio
E3 Complete Carburetor New - Model SI 20/20D Dell'Orto
E4 Connection Rod for Crankshaft New Bajaj
E5 Crankshaft New Bajaj
E6 Clutch Plates and Drum assembly New Bajaj
E7 Transmission Gears Rebuilt Original Piaggio
E8 Kick Start Quadrant Rebuilt Original Piaggio
E9 Kick Start Idler Gear New Bajaj
E10 Output Shaft Rebuilt Original Piaggio
E11 Cruciform ( spider ) New Bajaj
E12 Gear Selector Box New T.E.W
E13 All internal engine nuts New StarVespa
E14 Bearings
E14A Crankshaft (2) New Koyo
E14B Engine gears (1) New Koyo
E14C Output Shaft (2) New Koyo

Oil Seals

E15A Crankshaft (2) New Bajaj
E15B Output Shaft (1) New Bajaj
E16 Gasket set New Bajaj
E17 Gasket sealant New Permatex
E18 Flywheel Rotor/Fan Original Remagnitized Piaggio
E19 Generating coils Original Rewired Piaggio
E20 Ignition Coil and assembly New Shen Sui Electronic
E21 Condenser New C.K.R
E22 Contact Breaker assembly New T.E.W.
E23 Spark plug New NGK/Autolite/Bosch
E24 Engine Studs

Rebuilt Original

E25 Engine Nuts New Lidovit
E26 Engine Lock Washers New Grainger
E27 Engine cases ( Left / Right ) Original Piaggio
E28 Cylinder cowl Original Re-painted Piaggio
E29 Air filter cover Original Re-painted Piaggio
E30 Flywheel cover (cowl) New - Stainless Steel Danang Krome
E31 Gear Selector box (cover (cowl) New - Stainless Steel Danang Krome
E32 Engine buffers and sleeve New Vinatek
E33 Engine rubber bushing New Vinatek
E34 Air Filter New Vinatek
E35 Air Intake Hoses New Vinatek
E36 Exhaust system New Vinatek
E37 Kick Start Pedal New Kick Starter
  Electrical Systems
ES1 Bulbs (Front & Rear) New Sun Shing
ES2 Whole Head light Assembly (Reflector, Glass) New Minda
ES3 Whole Rear Light Assembly (Casing, Plastic lens ) New Minda
ES4 Stop Switch (Floor mounted) New Vinatek
ES5 Whole Light, horn, kill switch Assembly New Bajaj
ES6 Electrical wiring assembly New Vinatek
ES7 Horn New Nikko
  Exterior Parts

Body parts

EP1A Main Frame Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1B Left Cowl Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1C Right Cowl Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1D Front Fender Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1E Gas Tank Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1F Handle Bar Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP1G Fork Original parts repaired Piaggio
EP2 Front Shaft New New Tech
EP3 Front Shaft Bearing New Koyo
EP4 Front Spring New Leader Aid Interprises
EP5 Front Shock/Damper New Leader Aid Interprises
EP6 Front Fork cover New Vinatek
EP7 Front Brake Drum Original re-built Piaggio
EP8 Front Brake Shoes New Piaggio
EP9 Front Brake Cable Assembly New Vinatek
EP10 Odometer (in kilometer per hour) New Taiwan or Bajaj
EP11 Odometer Cable + Gear New Vinatek
EP12 Vespa emblem New Vinatek
EP13 Horn Cover New Piaggio
EP14 Piaggio Logos New Vinatek
EP15 Hand grips (2) New Vinatek
EP16 Clutch cables and Gear Cable Assemblies New Vinatek
EP17 Brake and Clutch levels New Vinatek
EP18 Legs Shield Trim (black plastic or aluminum) New - Flat Nhatrang
EP19 Floor strips with rubber inserts New Nhatrang
EP20 Steering lock New Piaggio
EP21 Fuel tap assembly New Allswitch
EP22 Fuel tap Switch New Vinatek
EP23 Choke puller + cable New Vinatek
EP24 Bag / Helmet Hook New - Alloy Allswitch
EP25 Floor Center Mat New - Plastic Nhatrang
EP26 Rear Brake pedal Original polished Piaggio
EP27 Rear Brake cable assembly New Vinatek
EP28 Central Stand with Rubber Feet New - chromed Vinatek
EP29 Front seat/rear seat and with leather like vinyl New LeatherMade
EP30 Rear seat carrier Stainless Steel Danang Krome
EP31 Gas tank cap Original chromed Piaggio
EP32 Fuel filter  New Vinatek
EP33 Cowls' rubber seals New Nhatrang
EP34 Left cowl tool compartment lock New Xiehelock
EP35 Rear shock New Leader Aid Interprises
EP36 Rear Shock Spring Original Piaggio
EP37 Rear brake shoes New Piaggio
EP38 Rear brake arm New Leader Aid Interprises
EP39 Rear brake drum Original re-built Piaggio
EP40 Tubes (3) New Casumina
EP41 Tires (3 New Casumina
EP42 All exterior bolts, washers and nuts New Lidovit
EP43 All other rubber parts, hoses New Vinatek
EP44 All other brackets New Vinatek
EP45 Rear metal spare tire bracket New StarVespa
EP46 Spare tire leather like cover New LeatherMade
  Standard Options
SO1 Rear Passenger Seat New LeatherMade
SO2 Bag / Helmet  Hook New - Alloy Allswitch
SO3 Front Mud Guard New - Rubber StarVespa
SO4 Hub Cover - Front / Rear New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
SO5 Legshield Trim New - Aluminum (std) or black plastic StarVespa
SO6 Muffler Tail Pipe New - Chrome StarVespa
SO7 Front Fender Crest New - Alloy (VBB) / Stainless Steel (VBC/VLB) StarVespa
SO8 VBC Style Strip (Front Fender and rear cowls New - Aluminum StarVespa
SO9 Spare Tire Cover New - Vinyl LeatherMade
SO10 Oil Measurement Cup New - Nylon StarVespa
SO11 Halogen Headlight Bulb New StarVespa
SO12 Center Bike Stand New - Chrome StarVespa
SO13 Front Fork Cover New - Aluminum StarVespa
SO14 Upgrade to 10" wheels (includes hub, fork, brake shoes) New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
SO15 Flywheel cover (cowl) New - Stainless Steel Danang Krome
SO16 Gear Selector box (cover cowl) New - Stainless Steel Danang Krome
SO17 Passenger Grip New - Stainless Steel Danang Krome
SO18 Battery charger (rectifier) New Taiwan
SO19 Battery New Pinaco
  Optional Accessories
OX1 Front protective crash guard New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
OX2 Side protective crash guards New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
OX3 Leg Shield Trim / Guard New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
OX4 Front Glove box Metal StarVespa
OX5 Front Rack New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
OX6 Rear Rack New - Stainless Steel StarVespa
OX7 10" Chrome Rims (set of 3) New - Stainless Steel Vinatek
OX8 Legshield Wings Alloy Vinatek
OX9 Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust New - Stainless Steel  

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