We never understood Vespa fanaticism until we rode one ourselves. Feeling the wind in your hair while darting in and out of traffic can be intoxicating. When your riding a Vespa, you can feel like a rebel without all the biker hang ups. They either provide: a death defying ride or a sober adventure, it’s your choice. There is no bad ass bravado surrounding the experience, its all about what you make it.

Now that we have drunk the “Kool Aid’ we can fully appreciate the truly unique office chair called "Vespa Chair" made by Star Vespa. The leather chairs are handmade using the front shield and spare parts of old Vespas. A wonderful way to immortalize the Vespa while keeping scrap metal out of the junk heaps.

OK you can’t cruise it down the block…or wait maybe you can! Imagine racing Vespa chair around the office. We’re pretty sure you’d be the only one sportin’ this ride! And as far as we are concerned, that deserves a first place prize just for effort.

The old saying, “Old scooters never die, they just recycle,” is more than a slogan on a bumper sticker now that Star Vespa converting old Vespa scooters into one-of-a-kind office chairs. That’s right, the old one-cylinder, gasoline- powered smokestacks are being replaced on the road with new, highly efficient electric scooters, and the classic Italian models are stacking up in metal salvage yards like exploding Ford Pintos.

Thankfully saved from the rust heap, those signature leg shields from older Vespas are ingeniously converted into the base of the chair. Star Vespa even installing colorful leather padding into the internal structure to create an unusually comfortable chair. It’s just destined to take office-chair hallway racing to a new level. Now don’t forget to use your turn signal when you bolt out the front door.

You may not be able to afford these high-ticket designer chairs on your average office-worker salary, but with weekends off, some leather cushions and a little junkyard scavenger hunting, you’ll be sitting pretty.

The Vespa chair is a really exclusive product, a limited series made from old Vespa scooters from the scrap yard.

All our products are handcrafted, 100% made by Star Vespa. Their unique and uncommon character makes them suitable for window dressing and atrezzo in advertising campaigns and TV shows. Although, as a general rule, the majority of our products have a functional use, we like to consider them as being halfway between design and art.

The Vespa chair can be purchased by ordering directly from Star Vespa (with the possibility of choosing the colour and finish). All the chairs are made from old Vespa scooters: the parts are salvaged and restored to become authentic handcrafts.

All the models include a piston with height-adjustment.



Vespa-Chair by Star Vespa are old Vespa scooters recycled into office chairs.

100% Handmade.
Upholstered ergonomic and retro style
Painted in metallic colors.
Base with wheels and adjustable piston

Width 70cm
Height 120cm
Depth 70cm
Weight 32kgs (approx.)

Color: in Metallic color - custom color/scheme available upon requested

Flashing Lights: available upon requested.

Adjustment: Hydraulic piston height adjustment.

Upholstery: flute/groove leather

Price: please contact us.



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